The Guest Info Center

Delight Vacation Rental Guests and Simplify Support

The Guest Info Center is a simple and convenient added amenity that Airbnb, VRBO or other vacation rental hosts can provide to delight their short-term rental guests while simplifying management support at their rental facility.

It can be made available through Alexa Echo smart speakers, Echo Show smart displays and Alexa-enabled smart TVs/Fire TVs. It provides guests with easy-to-access info about the rental facility and the immediate neighborhood, as well as recommendations for local dining, activities, services or events.


Happy Guests

The Guest Info Center provides a fun, convenient and easy-to-use amenity that will exceed guest expectations and insure that guests get the most enjoyment out of their stay.

Happy Hosts

Happy guests stay longer, make fewer host support requests, make more repeat bookings, and post better overall reviews of their vacation rental experience.

Competitive Differentiation

The Guest Info Center enables you to quickly, easily and affordably offer a fully customized competitive differentiator to help your vacation rental stand out from the crowd.


Supports Alexa Smart Speakers and Displays

The Guest Info Center enables Alexa smart speakers, Echo Show smart displays and Alexa enabled smart TVs to provide Airbnb, VRBO or other vacation rental guests with fun and easy-to-access info about the facility, amenities, local area info and more.

Your guests may ask questions in a variety of ways and The Guest Info Center will find the appropriate answer for them. The Guest Info Center uses proprietary natural language processing to simply and directly answer any questions that your guests may ask.

For example, a guest might ask any of the following to get the correct Wi-Fi information at your rental:

  • “What’s the Wi-Fi name and password?”
  • “How do I login to the network?”
  • “How do I connect to the Internet?”
  • “I need to get my computer hooked up to the Web.”
  • "How do I connect to WiFi?", etc.

Guest Info Center User Interaction

Guest Info Center Information Categories

Comprehensive Info Categories

The Guest Info Center can provide your guests with helpful responses to a wide variety of common questions that they may have during their stay, including instant information about:

  • Your Facility: e.g., Wi-Fi, Maintenance, Parking, Appliance instructions, etc.
  • Your Neighborhood: e.g., Trash schedule, Recycling info, Security, etc.
  • Local Dining Suggestions: e.g., Mexican food, Sushi, Chinese food, Breakfast restaurants, etc.
  • Fun Local Activities: e.g., Biking, Museums, Children’s activities, Horseback riding, Local tours, etc.
  • Handy Nearby Services: e.g., Hair salons, Pet sitters, Sporting goods, Hospitals, etc.
  • Upcoming Special Events by type: e.g., Live music events, Sports events, Family events, Theater events, etc.

Customized Responses

The Guest Info Center makes it simple to add optional custom responses for the various individual types of questions that your guests might ask.

Responses can be quickly added, edited or deleted as desired, and all changes are immediately reflected in the information accessible to your guests using your facility’s Alexa smart speakers/devices.

Integrating your own personal insights and recommendations creates a unique local information resource that your guests will appreciate and enjoy using at your vacation rental.

Guest Info Center Custom Responses

Customized Display

If you are using Alexa display devices, such as the Echo Show or Amazon-enabled smart TVs/Fire TVs, you may customize the display appearance for your facility.

You may upload a custom facility image, or to revert to the default image. For background images, you also have the additional option to select from over 200 images provided for your use in the image gallery. You may also click the “change” link for the Display Text Style to switch between light or dark display text style.

Guest Info Center Display Options

Guest Info Center Display Options

The Guest Info Center Integrated Sources

Integrated Sources

In addition to any local recommendations you may wish to provide, The Guest Info Center will also automatically supplement your custom entries with up-to-the-minute recommendations from popular integrated sources*:

  • Dining, Activities and Services
    • The Guest Info Center will automatically add local suggestions after any custom recommendations that you might provide in these categories.

  • Events
    • The Guest Info Center will automatically search popular sources for upcoming local events matching your guest's request.
* Support for integrated sources varies by location.

Complete Administration Portal

The Guest Info Center system includes an easy-to-use web-based administration portal.

The portal is accessible using desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It enables you to:

  • Enter/Edit customized responses about your facility and neighborhood that will be provided for your guests.
  • Enter/Edit any local area recommendations that you would like to provide for your vacation rental guests.
  • Customize display options if using Alexa devices with screens.
  • View a comprehensive usage metrics dashboard showing exactly how your guests are using the system.
  • Manage your account information.
  • Access a comprehensive user guide and other helpful resources for getting the most out of your system.

Tools For Success

The Guest Info Center system also includes several tools to help insure the success of your system.

Table Signs
Your Guest Info Center system is a valuable free amenity that your guests will appreciate, so be sure to place this usage info near your device(s) to make guests aware that the system has been provided for them! The Guest Info Center table signs allow you to quickly print an information card to inform your guests about your Guest Info Center, and to get them started using your system.

Admin Guide
The Guest Info Center Administrator Guide provides detailed information on the set-up and usage of your system, as well as customization examples to help you get your system up and running quickly.

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